One thought on “Immaculate Conception

  1. My husband and his family are protestant, many people don’t know their Mother. I have always have felt my talents to “mother” even when my own Mother left when I was 7 I took care of my brother and when my half sister’s mother left when she was 1 I mothered her as best as an 11 year old girl could. I had to mature quickly because it was me and my Dad and being the oldest had its responsibilities. I praise God for this because although it was hard I feel so close to Mary, what a gift suffering has been in this for me. I love my Mother both biological and spirtual it is a bond that will never be broken. Even though I didn’t know about Mary the way I do now, I always felt her presence in nuturing me to be a “good mother” I just wasn’t aware until quite recently it was her helping me. Thanks you Jesus for your grace adminst suffering.


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