Mission from Battle Creek, MI

These talks were given at the parish mission in Battle Creek, MI the week before Thanksgiving.

Rembrandt – Christ in the StormRembrandt_Christ_in_the_Storm_on_the_Lake_of_Galilee1st Talk – English:

2nd Talk – English:

1a Plática – Español:

2a Plática – Español:

2 thoughts on “Mission from Battle Creek, MI

  1. Thank you for posting these, I was unable to attend these talks, but I did drive about an hour that Sunday the day before to Saint Joseph Church to hear you. I feel God’s talking to me through the message of trust that you speak. I will try to listen as much as I can between my mothering duties. I wish I could have heard all of this in person, it’s very helpful to me as I am coming back to the faith for about a year now after many years away. This is like an addendum to the divine mercy diary which brought me back to the church, I got confirmed last May and I choose Saint Faustina as my saint, I even had a nametag that said “Faustina” so anything to do with mercy, forgiveness I am drawn to like a magnet, I need it so very much. Learning about trust is the next logical step. And then acting on it like you said and not “leaning on my own understanding” defiantely going to spend more time reading my bible in the future. Keep going strong Father Thaddeus I pray you reach more people.


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