3 thoughts on “Praise & Worship – Faith

  1. Hi Father Thad, I was wondering if the hell to which Jesus descended was the hell of the damned or just a place where the just men waited until Jesus opened the gates of heaven?


    1. Christ Himself did not descend into the Hell of the damned; He did descend to the “place of the dead” (in Latin, ad inferos, as in the Apostles’ Creed). The point I was attempting to make, however, is that Christ plundered realm of the dead, taking away from the grasp of death all the just. In the same way, Christ descends into our own hearts, where there is sin and death, because His very presence brings healing and forgiveness of sins. There is an analogy between the two, but not complete correlation, since Christ by definition can’t be in Hell Himself (since Hell is the absence of God, and He is God). Those in Hell are there eternally, but we on earth still are in the battle to gain Heaven and avoid Hell… Hence Christ can descend into our hearts to free us from sin, whereas those in Hell properly are confirmed in their sin.

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  2. Thank you for your clarification. Your blog is wonderful and I listen every day. So many times you say something that exactly pertains to something that is going on in my life. I appreciate all the effort you make to post everything.


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