Monday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Today we hear of the raising of the daughter of Jairus.

“Trust!” (see Mt 9:22). “Meditate upon how you ought never to be disturbed, even if the entire world or Hell itself should rise up against you; never – on account of fear – ought you to lose courage for the battle, because the Lord has the power to help you and grant you freedom. Nor will He ever abandon you, even though He may test you that you might grow in merit. For since you have been accepted into God’s ranks, know, that you must experience battle against various kinds of enemies, so that you might grow in your exercise of virtue. But place your trust only in Him, in God, who fights on your behalf. Do not place your trust in even a thousand tricks, but act as those did, who, when going to battle, said: “They place their hope in chariots and horses, but we in the name of the Lord” (see Ps 19:8). In this name, you will conquer every enemy, holding the shield of perseverance and brandishing the sword of prayer.” -St. Stanislaus Papczynski

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