One thought on “Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

  1. Father, I’m nowhere near suffering the passion, and I’m already done! ☺️

    I have a question: last summer one of my sisters in the monastery was delving into the passibility of God in her theology studies. While neither her nor I are theologians, we came to the conclusion that God does suffer–through Christ (“the impossible passible made possible in Christ” was the clever way we worded it)… to that end, in my devotion to the Sacred Heart, I see this as a “revelation” of the sacred Heart–as you mentioned in your homily, “the PIERCED heart” in that, well think of it, God the Father in all His glory cannot suffer, the one thing I’m pretty sure most humans long for–to not suffer–and, imagine that, the one who cannot suffer takes flesh in order that He may suffer with us and for us (if that alone doesn’t make a point about the value of suffering, I don’t know what does)… I see that symbolized in the Sacred Heart of our Lord, especially because it is a human heart… I don’t know if that makes sense, I’m struggling with words today. But especially with regard to love, as you mention, could it be said that there’s a perfection of love in the suffering of the passion? Or maybe bringing to fulfillment might be a better way of saying it? Ok I’m just going to stop now. Thank you. I enjoy your homilies immensely. God bless and please pray for me.


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